Quick Answer: What Is The Verb Of Exposure?

What is the verb of dangerously?

Endanger means to put someone else in danger .

There is not really a verb of dangerous.

Endanger means to put someone else in danger ..

What is the verb of invasion?

verb (used with object), in·vad·ed, in·vad·ing. to enter forcefully as an enemy; go into with hostile intent: Germany invaded Poland in 1939. to enter like an enemy: Locusts invaded the fields. to enter as if to take possession: to invade a neighbor’s home.

What is the verb of carefully?

(intransitive) To be concerned about, have an interest in. (intransitive) To look after. (intransitive) To be mindful of.

What is the verb of spread?

The past tense of spread is spread. … For some people, spreaded seems like a fitting past tense for the verb spread. After all, the past tense of thread is threaded: She threaded the needle. Spreaded rhymes with other past tense forms such as shredded, sledded, and breaded.

Is dangerous a noun or verb?

adjective. full of danger or risk; causing danger; perilous; risky; hazardous; unsafe. able or likely to cause physical injury: a dangerous criminal.

What is the verb form of Judgement?

We use “judged” because the verb form of “judgement” is “judge” but as the given sentence is in past tense, we will convert the verb to past tense too.