Quick Answer: Why Is Brian Not Able To Hit The Fish With His Arrows?

What animal attacks Brian at the lake and nearly kills him?

mooseIn Chapter 16, Brian hunts a foolbird near the lake.

When he gets his kill, he goes to the lake to rinse the blood from his hands.

As he is doing this, a moose, a large North American animal with antlers, charges and attacks him twice..

What did Brian call the birds he found?

foolbirdsBrian calls the birds “foolbirds.” He was looking for one of the foolish birds—he called them foolbirds—and there was a flock that lived near the end of the long part of the lake.

How was Brian’s mind different since the crash?

How was Brian’s mind different since the crash? He now knew what the noises were around him, when he saw something he really saw it, not just noticed it. What was Brian’s plan if he ever heard a plane engine roar overhead?

What is the most important rule of survival Brian learns?

He’s understandably down in the dumps about being stranded and now stung by a porcupine, but then ”he learned the most important rule of survival, which was that feeling sorry for yourself didn’t work. ” It won’t get the quills out of his leg and won’t make fire, so Brian decides to stop it entirely and get to work.

What plan did Brian catch fish?

In order for Brian to be more successful, he aimed his speak taking the bending of light into account and then also created a double tipped spear. This allowed him to be more precise with his aim and catch more fish for a plentiful food source.

What was Brian’s problem at the end of Chapter 17?

In chapter 17, Brian works to recover from a moose attack and a tornado that touched down on top of his shelter. After repairing the shelter and gathering wood, Brian turns his attention to the tail of his plane sticking up out of the lake.

What does Brian plan to do when searchers fly over?

What does Brian plan to do when searchers fly over? Brian decides to make a signal fire on a large flat stone area. How does seeing the kingfisher help Brian solve the problem of where to get food? He realises the fish are food and he can eat the fish like the kingfisher eats the fish.

Why was it hard for Brian to fight off the Porcupine?

Brian laid the hatchet next to his head was for protection. Why was it hard for Brian to fight off the porcupine? It was hard for Brian to fight off the porcupine because it was so dark that he couldn’t see the porcupine to go after it but he could on hear it.

What lesson did Brian learn from his English teacher?

Tamara K. H. By Chapter 5 of Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet, we learn that Mr. Perpich was Brian’s English teacher in New York. Though only an English teacher, Brian learned a great deal from him about morale and optimism, two qualities that are essential for Brian’s survival.

Does Brian try to kill himself in hatchet?

Chapter 13 After the plane flies by him without spotting him, Brian feels incredibly defeated. He even tries to commit suicide by cutting himself with his hatchet.

How did Brian eat the eggs?

Brian digs into the sand pile and finds 17 turtle eggs. … Brian realized that ”Some natives in the world ate grasshoppers and ants and if they could do that he could get a raw egg down. ” He eats it raw.

What sight caused Brian to do nothing think nothing in your opinion why wasn’t Brian harmed?

What sight caused Brian to “do nothing, think nothing”? He left the bear alone. Why wasn’t Brian harmed from the bear? When the porcupine stuck him with needles, he felt that it was all too much for him to handle.

How did Brian catch fish in hatchet?

Pretty peaceful. He watches a bird dip into the water and come up with a fish in its beak, and this gives him the idea of trying to catch fish for himself. Brian goes down to the water and looks into the lake. He sees lots of fish, as well as a crayfish crawling through the shallows.

Why did Brian want to kill himself?

Brian’s Suicide Attempt Brian thinks about how much he has changed. After the plane passed him over, he fell into an intense depression. … Finally, he decided he would use his hatchet to cut himself and commit suicide.

Why did Brian get frustrated with the Foolbirds?

Why did Brian get frustrated with the foolbirds? Brian thought they tasted terrible after working so hard to catch one. … Brian thought they were too much trouble for such a small amount of meat.

What did Brian do to clean his shelter?

In chapter 11, Brian cleaned his shelter by smoothing out the sand and hanging up his windbreaker. He might have used his hands or sticks to level the disturbed sand. Either way, there was not much Brian could do to clean up his shelter.

What did Brian use his hatchet for?

Brian tries to think back to his science classes in school, and racks his brain to remember if any teacher ever told him what made fire. He knows that fire needs fuel and oxygen. Brian realizes that he needs to blow on the fire. He uses the hatchet to create sparks and they land on the birch bark.

Why did Brian get a funny feeling as he fished?

Why did Brian get a funny feeling as he fished? The wolf was watching him fishing. … Why did Brian feel so down after seeing the tail of the plane? It reminded him of the pilot.

How does Brian react to being attacked and nearly killed at the lake and then having everything destroyed by a tornado?

How does Brian react to being attacked and nearly killed at the lake, and then having everything destroyed by a tornado? Brian reacts to being attacked by a moose and hit by a tornado by asking the forest if that’s all it can do. He realizes that he is tough and he can rebuild his home.

How does Brian use the fish scraps?

What does Brian do with the fish scraps? He uses them for bait. What does Brian realize could happen if he makes mistakes while trying to survive in the wild? He could die.

How has Brian changed mentally?

Brian changes dramatically over the course of Hatchet. These changes are mostly tied to his emotional growth. … He learns that hopelessness and panic are useless, even dangerous, emotions. Brian learns to carefully observe his environment and identify dangers.

What did Brian call the berries that made him sick?

”Too many gut cherries,” Brian says. He crawls out of the shelter and covers his vomit and diarrhea with sand. He sees his reflection in the water and realizes how bad he looks.

What is tough hope?

When Brian says Brian says he is full of “tough hope” it means that he believes that he believes that he can survive even though when the rescue plane came to help Brian he missed it and he is not going to let that get in the way of him helping himself survive.

How did Brian improve his arrows?

Expert Answers info When he goes to clean the bird he keeps some of the wing and tail feathers as they were stiff and straight and he figured he would be able to use them on the arrows. He eventually uses thread from a piece of his windbreaker and some “pitch from a stump” to attach the feathers to the arrows.

Why did Brian get upset with himself for not focusing on his rescue?

Brian scolded himself for not focusing on his rescue. Judge his reasoning. He needed to keep focused on the rescuers otherwise he would forget about them. He wasn’t thinking clearly when something good happened.

How did Brian make his fishing spear Why didn’t it work for him?

Why didn’t it work for him? He used spear wood and made a point with his hatchet. It didn’t work because the fish were too fast and he wasn’t pointing in the correct direction. That when something happens it happens for a reason for survival.

What mistake did Brian make with his hatchet?

He used his hatchet to swing at the porcupine and is poked him with its quills.

How did Brian make his shelter safer?

Brian starts to think of it as home, and works to make it more comfortable and secure. Little by little he gets strong enough to build on it. Brian’s shelter is invaded by a porcupine, but generally makes him feel safe. He decides to add a fire, and after some trial and error manages to get one going.

How did Brian store his food in hatchet?

Next, Brian decides that he needs a way to store food. … With the help of a dead pine tree that he converts into a kind of ladder, Brian fashions a little food storage compartment out of a hollow in the rock above his shelter. He weaves a little door to cover the hollow so that animals can’t get at it.

What kind of fish did Brian eat in hatchet?

spearOnce Brian learns how to build a tool to catch fish, he has a feast. His final success is catching a foolbird, which he kills with a spear.