What Is USSD * 99?

What is USSD transaction?

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), sometimes referred to as “Quick Codes” or “Feature codes”, is a communications protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the mobile network operator’s computers..

How do I transfer money from USSD code?

Transferring Money Using USSD Short Codes In order to transfer the money, dial *99#, type bank name, and when the interface opens, enter ‘3’ and tap send. Now, enter the beneficiary’s mobile number and the beneficiary MMID, which you will have to get from the person.

How do I fix Error 549?

Check the error logs in the login service to get the problem point. You can use the X-Ray-ID in the error message to search error logs and access logs specific to the request that failed. Check connectivity issues between login server and users directory endpoint in the cloud.

How do I activate my USSD?

Register for USSD/Mobile Banking. Get MMID (Mobile Money Identifier) Get MPIN (Mobile PIN)…What is required for Transaction:Remember MMID.Remember MPIN.Dial *99#Registered mobile number with any phone (feature or smart)Self Service mode.

Why is my USSD code not working?

Goto your android settings-mobile data,now click to turn off your data connection. … If again the same error is occurring,once restart/reboot your android mobile phone. 6. After the restarting again goto your Dial-pad access the same USSD CODE, now this time the error is gone and the problem is solved.

What is USSD used for?

Unstructured supplementary service data (USSD), a communications service controlled by mobile network operators, is a critical piece of infrastructure used to provide mobile financial services on most phones, at low cost, and without requiring access to the user’s SIM card.

Is USSD banking safe?

Security check In fact, nearly all mobile financial service providers (banks, mobile money operators and payment service suppliers, etc.) operate unique applications in providing USSD services to customers. … More importantly, messages over USSD channels are not encrypted, leaving them vulnerable to being hacked.

What is my USSD code?

An Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code is a code that is programmed into your SIM card or your cell phone to make it easier to perform certain actions. When you know the code for what you want to do, you can run it with a few simple taps.

What is Bank USSD code?

Access USSD Banking The official Access bank USSD banking code for transfer of funds, is *901#, and it can be used to complete various type of transaction without going to the bank: *. Airtime for self: *901*Amount# *. Airtime for others: *901*Amount*Phone Number#